SLEZSKÁ MECHATRONIKA as small company is focusing on applied research and development exclusively of breakthrough technologies with world novelty, designs of new conceptual solutions, elaboration of model and manufacturing documentation with personal coordination of cooperation manufacturing and subsequent concentration of manufactured and purchased components in its prototype hall, their assembly, equipping with software and hardware, functional tests and preparation of the technology for setting up business intention and production of project target. As member of the Czech-Moravian Centre of Breakthrough Technologies it should generate such research objectives and innovation processes which will result to monitoring, based on comparative analyses with utilisation of patent and commercial surveys, to orientate resulting projects into list of future progressive research projects - business intentions tank. In 2022 and further years the company concetrates itself to appreciation of its current know-how, its transformation into real production of selected products and its commercialisation. And all at once to extension of its research and realisation team accordingly to new project objectives.

Examples of currently performed projects in position of co-investigator

Sector of digitalisation and robotics in the field agriculture:

AGROROBOT - Modular agricultural robot results from actual trends of Agriculture 4.0 focused on autonomous robotic platforms in agricultural primary production for ensuring livelihood of population.

Low-emission energy sector:

  • Water-water heat pump monoblock - 100 kW power, located in premises of former Jeremenko mine, heats up the machinery room of mining machine - pumps geothermal energy from forcibly pumped mine waters. Developped for GASCONTROL company.
  • Mobile container monoblock of air-water heat pumps - scalabe power up to 200 kW, automated roof covering system for better function of evaporators in case of dense snowing.
ENERGOCONTAINER - mobile container monoblock of hybrid air/water-water heat pumps, scalable power up to 100 kW, integrated solar and photovoltaic panels (for charging accessories).