SLEZSKÁ MECHATRONIKA a. s. is a small research and implementation company with a focus on research and implementation of prototypes in the field of energy technologies - especially high-capacity mobile and stationary heat pumps with high innovation potential, mobile and stationary water treatment plants (for treatment of surface and underground water to drinking water) in the mode of breakthrough technologies, as well as in the field of robotic mobile platforms with omnidirectional movement, robotic agricultural technologies, and autonomous platforms in the industrial field. The company uses the potential of the design team always with the realized final prototype of the project goal.

Jaroslav Recman

Company statutory representative, CEO

Vladimír Mostýn

Director for research & development

Strategies - Tools:

  • Systemic processes of generating innovation business intentions for small and medium sized enterprises
  • Generating research and innovation project objectives and realisation processes, purposefully oriented only to exactly defined potential and needs of targeted subject, with proven positive prognosis of progressive commercialisation
  • Tool: searching and monitoring system with utilisation of available global databases of world research, calls for proposals and projects, world markets and market trends
  • Defining list of progressive research projects and new production programmes with utilisation of analyses, patent and commercial surveys
  • Creation of new superstructure patentable concepts and innovation solutions of project and commercial outputs of monitoring
  • Transformation into particular progressive business intentions