We are focusing on smart, highly innovative, progressive, multifunctional, fully digitalized technological solutions of energy sources based on renewable energy resources and sophisticated technologies of plants for treating surface waters to drinking water, in mobile and stationary version. We use system phantasy - idea - creativity - concept - model and manufacturing documentation - prototype in real version - preparation for buiness intention.


Research and implementation of a prototype of a multifunctional mobile autonomous hybrid energy container of air / water - water heat pumps, with progressive energy management

The main project objective is research, realization of prototype and manufacture of heat pumps air/water - water, with implemented prediction of the development of climatic conditions and progressive system of photovoltaic and solar interactions and alternative external subsystems; in symbiosis with subsystems of primary accumulations changing potential efficiency beyond the effective intervals of natural resources; with the effect of saving electrical work, producing heat and cold; with an autonomous energy source; with the use of both electrical and thermal energy converted into process linkages and accumulation with secondary phase change (PCM); with the development and implementation of the mobile transport platform of the energy container.

Realized prototype of the multifunctional mobile autonomous hybrid air/water heat pump ground/water energy container:

The prototype of the energy container (thermal output in modules of 50 and 100 kW) is currently connected to the premises of the research center - the result was evaluated as excellent. Testing and optimization is currently underway.

Multifunctional mobile modular monoblock of a complex heat pump system

Research, development and implementation of a new design solution of a multifunctional mobile monoblock of a complex system of blocks of heat pumps and evaporators, for obtaining heat energy in the air-water system, with water-water and ground-water alternatives, with the ability to quickly unload it into open terrain with a container carrier, used in integrated rescue systems, with the world's new technology of verticalization mechanics of individual heat pump blocks, which ensures the necessary automated verticalization of individual heat pump blocks during the unloading and storage process of the container, with the effect of lightning-fast commissioning of the container monoblock immediately after its unloading, with the possibility of immediate connection to the heating circuit of the heated object, without interfering with its premises.

Multifunctional container system of air/water heat pumps with the flexibility of 50, 100, 150, 200 kW output in stationary and mobile versions (test station with automated plug-in roof modules)

Type series - 50 kW to 200 kW heat output - combinations in air/water, ground/water and water/water systems - heat and cold production

  • Fast storage and removal by IZS container carriers with immediate establishment of the heat source function
  • Use in crisis situations - in an environment without distribution networks and gas distribution - in combination with backup energy sources
  • Reliability of the monobloc function even in extreme climatic conditions

Advantages of the device

  • Multifunctionality - stationary and mobile solutions - production of heat / cold
  • Cascade system arrangement - multiplication of heat outputs
  • New heat storage technology using phase change - PCM materials
  • Progressive energy management - prediction of the development of climatic conditions - system interactions of photovoltaic and photothermal subsystems in symbiosis with primary storage systems - efficiency
  • Automated lamella protection system for the side surfaces of the evaporators
  • Reliability of the functionality of the energy container even in extreme climatic conditions
  • Remote technology management
  • Rooftop adapter with automated roof module shifting function for high snowfall applications
  • Flexible transport of the monoblock by IZS container carriers and commercially available means
  • Variant use of heat and electric energy storage - RES
  • Hybrid energy container solution - air-water / water-water - variant 2

Possible use

  • Heating industry - cascade solutions - output multiplication - connectivity to the heating system of buildings without interference with the interior of the building - remote management and output control
  • Crisis management - disasters - refugee camps
  • Expedition camps - construction sites - temporary constructions Heating/cooling of agricultural and livestock production facilities
  • Operational installation even in confined conditions - roof areas
  • Use in planned and unplanned events in stationary and mobile configuration - short-term and long-term installation
  • Swimming pool heating to extend the usability in the overlaps of the seasons


Long-term heat energy storage in a supercooled substance

Research, development, and experimental determination of the mobile, large-capacity unit with accumulation modules for seasonal heat energy accumulation with the utilisation of the progressive materials´ phase changes. The result will be registered as a utility model. Partial goals of the project are compiled of the development of the appropriate accumulation solution of sodium acetate trihydrate (SAT) basis, including chemical and safety parameters determination and the designing of the innovative construction parts - accumulation module and initiation element, which will be produced and experimentally approved within the scope of this project. The aforementioned results will be registered as functional samples.

Multifunctional high-temperature industrial heat pump monoblock in mobile and stationary design

The project aim is research, development and realisation of a multifunctional monobloc of high-temperature industrial heat pump in mobile and stationary designs with an output temperature of the heating medium of 120°C - development of 6 main modules - source, high-temperature, integration, energy sources based on RES, electric energy storage and master control system, with integration into the platform for mobile and stationary applications - adaptable according to the customer requirements. A partial goal is the integration of waste heat gains from industrial processes, from RES and other sources, with ensuring the continuity of heat outputs regardless of changes in heat inputs to the integration module, via the source module, even during regulátory interventions in the energetic system.

Research, development and implementation of a robotic dosing and compaction effector, and an in-situ test stand for the buffer construction in a vertical deep geological repository system

The project aim is research, development, implementation, and testing of a compaction effector prototype of a robotic technology of granulated bentonite compaction of the in-situ buffer construction in the annular ring around the disposal container with SNF of the vertical disposal of the deep geological repository (DGR), as a key subsystem of robotic SNF disposal. There will be developed the compaction effector as a basic part of the future robotic technology of vertical emplacement, as well as a test stand for sub-processes [container centralization, bentonite dosing and continuous compaction, effector positioning], in the real diameter of the disposal well and container. There will be determined the specific parameters of bentonite compaction (key criteria for long-term safety of DGR).

Research and realization of a highly innovative - multifunctional mobile and stationary surface and underground water treatment plants for drinking water

Complex retractable technology of the treatment plant in a mobile container with an air-conditioned space


  • Civic amenities
  • Industrial application
  • Critical threat area - natural disasters; polluted, devastated areas
  • Agriculture, breeding industry
  • Charity projects

Multifunctionality of the water treatment plant monoblock - mobile and stationary use at the same time

  • Operation of the treatment plant function in a container or extended complex technology without a container
  • Cascading with multiple outputs - generalization of all inputs and outputs in the fronts of the supporting skeletons
  • Connectivity of storage and supply monoblock for automatic replenishment of reagents

Utility, technological and economic added value

  • High efficiency of filtration - up to 99 % (0.5 - 1 % wastewater)
  • Highly innovative type of ceramic filters
  • High intensification - high performance in a small space
  • Long service life without compromising performance and functionality
  • Cleaning using physical and chemical CEB process
  • Intensive oxidative CIP process
  • New design solution of sorption filter technology
  • New GAU hydraulic discharge system

  • Spatial arrangement effect - maximum performance in minimum space
  • Deployment in highly different outdoor climate temperatures
  • Air conditioning of the interior even with the container door open
  • Use of an entrance retractable module with an air-conditioning closure
  • Setting of optimal internal temperature parameters
  • New design solution of sorption filter technology
  • Container energy source based on RES - on request
  • Independence of the distribution networks - an alternative to a backup source


A robotic system for 21st century agriculture

The project aim is research, development, and realization of a modular robotic system with autonomous control - usable in crop production. The system is based on omnidirectional side modules between which there are working robot modules. The side modules contain power supply, traction, control and navigation systems. The robot configuration will allow easy replacement of work modules and working width adjustment. The result will be a new robotic technology for a wide range of agronomic operations which can include, e.g. sowing, inter-row cultivation, precise fertilization, or the application of protective substances. The project aim is to develop side modules, two types of work modules (sowing and inter-row cultivation), and control and navigation systems for autonomous robot field work.

Key features:

  • Four-wheel chassis with the possibility of controlled rotation of all wheels
  • The kinematics and proportions of the chassis are identical to the future Agrorobot prototype
  • Hydraulic all-wheel drive
  • Hydraulic "differential closing"
  • Electric wheel turning drive
  • Power source - two-cylinder internal combustion engine
  • Possibility of manual control via a wireless panel
  • Interface for connecting the master system of autonomous control and teleoperation
  • Circumferential frame for easy mounting of sensors and elements needed for autonomous control and teleoperation

Possibilities of use:

  • Development and testing of the master system of autonomous control and teleoperation of the Agrorobot
  • A transport platform for general purpose use corresponding to its dimensions, load capacity and performance

Multifunctional robot - stand for the development of navigation system of the agrorobot